Articles of Interest


Grand Master Makia L. Pai (Pai, Gong Li)

Dragon Moon Kung Fu Lineage Holders

Declaration of Zhangmanren

Senior Master Anne Marie K. Pai (Pai, Ming Yue)

On Respect, Loyalty and Lineage

Spiritual Aspects of Lineage


In Memoriam

Grand Master Daniel Kalimaahaae Pai (Pai, Tien Lung)

For the Record: A Correction to Incorrect Information Published about Daniel K. Pai

Kahu Lanakilakahuokalani Brandt

Pai, Li Lung

For Prospective DMMAA Students

Freedom in the Martial Arts

Loyalty and Dedication in the Martial Arts

On Accepting Teachings

Authority in the Martial Arts

The Importance of Rank in the Martial Arts

Mystical Aspects of the Martial Arts

What is Meditation?

Psychic Self-Defense

The Origin of Pai Family Tai Chi Chuan

How to be Accepted as a Student
in a Traditional Training Hall

How to Choose a Martial Arts Program for Your Child

For Current DMMAA Students

The Power of a Warrior

Training for the New Year

On Becoming a Student

On Becoming a Dragon

Student Levels at Dragon Moon Martial Arts Association

Commitment and the Martial Arts

The Seven Characteristics of a Proper Student


Cross Training in the Traditional Martial Arts

What It Means To Be A Higher Level Practitioner

Loving Kindness

The Aloha Spirit

The Ideal of the Scholar Warrior

Dragon Moon Martial Arts Association Council of Instructors

Honorific Titles at Dragon Moon Martial Arts Association





On Use of the Title "Doctor"

Those Who Live in Glass Houses


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